The Art of Home Styling for Coastal Outdoor Living


Coastal living lets us experience the beauty of nature every day – the stunning views, the physical elements, and the sounds of the sea. Being locals to the coast, we know how special a home can be when the outside environment is invited into the interior of your home. And we have the vision and ability to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior living spaces. Fantastic décor selections that complement each home design are integral to SX Constructions custom builds.

Every element matters when creating a handcrafted place to live, and exceptional builds extend beyond construction. Subtle accents finish off a luxurious holiday-style home, and your dream vision deserves high-quality design choices.

The distinction between interior and exterior spaces can be cleverly combined by melding time spent indoors and outdoors with cutting edge architecture that harmonises these spaces.

Structural outdoor living

Why limit yourself to interior living? Our high quality unique builds embrace innovative, clever outdoor living aspects that open up the everyday space your home offers. Cook, dine, relax and socialise while enjoying the open air.

Best of all, Australia’s Sunshine Coast environment is perfectly suited to coastal outdoor living. Your dream build should take advantage of friendly weather, and incorporate thoughtful elements that extend your home’s liveable areas.

Terraces, balconies and decks can transform a space – the best in structural outdoor living is functional and beautiful, while celebrating your chosen aesthetic. We collaborate with you to understand what your vision is and create a home design suited to you to deliver a contemporary oasis.

The charm of Abide Interiors

Your home should be a place to relax and escape, and we always strive to create spaces for everyone who lives there. By designing to your lifestyle needs, your home will cater for all occasions. And if you’re after outdoor dining seating or an outdoor sofa we can help! Because we align with only the best suppliers of indoor and outdoor pieces. Abide Interiors offers on trend design fusion of classic and modern. They understand that premium coastal outdoor living creates a flow on from interior spaces. The cohesive visual blend across indoor and outdoor design creates luxurious everyday experiences that prioritises luxurious comfort and liveability.

Abide Interiors offer outstanding furnishings like consoles and side tables enhancing interior spaces—while also aesthetically supporting external décor in the outdoor living space connected to the room.

Biophilic design and coastal styles

Our homes honour location, and coastal outdoor living has long championed biophilic influences. Biophilic design celebrates the positive links between people, and the natural world through architecture and interiors.

We love how Abide Interiors excel at tranquil contemporary style interiors that reflect the coastal landscape. The timeless, stylish and resilient furnishings often incorporating natural materials like hardwood teak and seagrass.

Nature-inspired interior design—extending to outdoor living—is an important identifier of SX Constructions’ relaxed sophistication. A skilled layering of tones, textures and shapes found in nature, promoting peaceful living.

Delivering your coastal dream

Building a dream home is an unforgettable journey, and furniture is an important aspect that helps create the mood. As locals, we understand the beauty of the sunshine coast, and the endless allure of outdoor coastal living.

By working closely with you, we help you create and realise your vision, and that way we ensure you’ll build an emotional connection with your property throughout the building process. We work with you to conceive a legacy build that captures your dream —including a variety of thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces that will make the most of your home and its environment for decades to come.

Being award-winning boutique builders in Queensland, we believe every build should be filled with natural elements and superior features; a finished creation homeowners love. Contact us to begin your transformative home journey.



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