Introducing our Pre-Construction Process


At SX Constructions, we believe the traditional design-bid-build model is broken. You’ve probably heard how common it is for people to work for months or even years on their custom home design, only to get quotes back from builders and discover they can’t afford to build it. This can be devastating for some people, who by this stage have wasted enormous amounts of time, money and emotion designing their dream home, only to shelve it.

Now, we’re launching a new Pre-Construction Process that helps us ensure our clients projects are on-budget and ready to build on completion of design. 

We believe the pre-construction phase is THE most important stage of your project. If you get it right, this is where the magic happens. 

What is the Pre-Construction Process?

Our Pre-Construction Process involves us working collaboratively with you and your preferred architect or building designer to design a home that meets your budget. It’s that simple. 

How Does SX Constructions’ Pre-Construction Process Work?

We encourage homeowners to contact us before the design phase begins so that we can step you through the early stages of the process and make sure we get it right from the initial concept stage.

We then act as your consultant and collaborate with the design team to ensure the design development stages are all in line with your budget. As a custom builder with 15 years experience on the Sunshine Coast, we have a comprehensive understanding of architectural building costs in our region.

What are the Benefits of SX Constructions’ Pre-Construction Process?

Budget Certainty

Involving a building professional at the concept stage ensures your project gets off to the best possible start. From concept to completion, we offer clarity, transparency and certainty when it comes to cost related design discussions so that you can make informed decisions along the way. 

We draw on our experience to provide real-time advice on materials, labour, site conditions and any other factor that needs to be considered when designing to a budget.

Having our team involved from the beginning means your design will stay on track and you won’t end up with a home you can’t afford to build.


Engaging SX Constructions as a consultant during pre-construction means our team will collaborate with the homeowner, architect or building designer, engineer, building certifier, energy efficiency assessor and any other consultant your project may require. 

We ensure all factors are considered from all parties and include these details in our cost analysis throughout the process so we have the opportunity to respond to any concerns straight away, before they become complex and expensive. 

Make It Happen

At SX Constructions we genuinely believe that good design improves your life. We are passionate about architecture and delivering intelligent and beautiful spaces for our clients and their families to live out their best life. By involving us during the pre-construction phase of your project, we can deliver an on-budget project that is buildable, livable and ready for construction.

Learn more about our pre-construction process in further detail here.

Are you ready to make your dream luxury home happen? Get in touch with Steve and Simone Essex from SX Constructions and let’s get started on the Pre-Construction Process!


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