What’s Trending in Interior Design? Q&A with Kate Cooper

We recently had the pleasure of working alongside Kate Cooper from Kate Cooper Interiors on our clients’ building project on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Collaborating with passionate, like-minded people on projects always produces incredible results. We recently had the pleasure of working alongside Kate Cooper from Kate Cooper Interiors on our clients’ building project on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Read on to discover more about what inspires Kate to deliver her stunning designs.

We are so excited to bring our Buderim project to life. What should we look out for in this design?

This residential project is beautiful! I had the pleasure of working on the interior design for the clients who have impeccable taste and eye for detail. Look out for the amazing textural elements that will make this house a home: double herringbone limestone tiles, warm timber flooring, custom oak cabinetry and smaller format wall tiles.

The additional layers in this project is also pretty special. The feature lighting is well considered and gives a luxurious feel to the interiors. Add in elements like wallpaper and brass tapware and the home will feel like it’s off the cover of a magazine!

How did the Sunshine Coast inspire the interiors of this home?

This home is in the leafy suburb of Buderim. The topography in this area includes large rocks or boulders, a lush almost rainforest backdrop and hilly landscapes. The inclusion of natural stone both inside and out is a reflection of this. Aboda Design Group have done a brilliant job setting the home on what feels like stone foundations.

As mentioned, oak (timber) plays an important role in this home along with beautiful warm metals. I feel like this suburb in particular creates a feeling of warmth and belonging and the hard finishes in the home have been selected to with this in mind.

What inspires you as an interior designer?

I get inspired by a variety of things as an interior designer. Often the inspiration is what sparks the creativity on a project. This is exciting as it may be a piece of art, beautiful fabric, a slab of natural stone or an inspirational image. We have access to so much more digital imagery than ever before so seeing beautiful designs from around the world is at our fingertips.

Are there any local or global trends that have caught your eye at the moment?

I enjoy watching trends in the interior design world and this certainly influences products on the market. Currently I’m loving the warmer tones that have made a resurgence away from cooler grey tones that have been popular for so long.

The interesting thing about products in the industry now is that we have so much more choice so I feel like “trends” don’t necessarily have to be short term. When the only option for tapware used to be chrome then black arrived on the scene, people thought it would be a trend, however it is still current now. Not only is there black tapware but brass, bronze, nickel and even white. It gives designers more choice to select items specific to their project.

How does living on the Sunshine Coast influence your design style?

Our location here on the Sunshine Coast and the stunning picturesque beaches, national parks and hinterland hills are a huge inspiration and influence for me. I love combining a coastal feel with all of my projects. It’s such a calming aesthetic.

When I think about elements that reflect our environment I think texture, colour and pattern: thick loop pile carpet or sisal, soft natural stone tiles, timber, linen fabrics, hues of blue and green, structured and unstructured patterns and an abundance of light.

What’s your process for working with builders? What would make you choose one over another?

Working with builders requires developing a good relationship and having open communication with them. I prefer to meet them once the tender has been won then keep in close contact over the course of the construction.

I like to work with clients and builders who have an appreciation for the design intent and detail. Using the specified products and materials because they have been intentionally chosen for the project and show the high quality of the build. When builders are passionate about creating beautiful homes and have a wonderful team around them it is evident in the final product.


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