What It Means To Be a Responsible Builder

Finding a builder that can create a beautiful home is undoubtedly the top priority – but selecting a responsible builder can be just as important.
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Finding a builder that can create a beautiful home is undoubtedly the top priority – but selecting a responsible builder can be just as important. A construction company’s values can set them apart from the rest and ensure a stress-free project, every step of the way.

At SX Constructions we pride ourselves on clear communication, honesty, strong relationships, integrity and innovation. From always being upfront about costs and timelines to utilising the latest techniques and sustainable materials and maintaining an open dialogue with our clients – our focus is on building strong relationships as well as incredible luxury homes.

Here are the three pillars of responsible building and why they are so important to consider when planning your dream home.

Protect the environment

Homes should always be built mindfully, in a way that minimises the impact on the planet. This is achieved by respecting the home’s surroundings and using sustainable materials where possible.

Our current Little Cove project is the perfect example of mindful and responsible construction. Despite the project requiring a full knockdown and rebuild, our team kept environmental impact to a minimum by building scaffolding around native trees to protect them. We are a small team of passionate locals, meaning we have just as much interest in preserving the environment around them as our clients do.


A responsible builder will also pride themselves on being innovative and utilising sustainable materials wherever possible. Construction materials you may find in a sustainable build include timber, recycled plastic and rammed earth.

Respect the neighbours

Some construction projects are bigger than others – but the impact on neighbours should always be small. After all, you want to get off on the right foot with the people you’ll be living next to.

A responsible builder will always keep noise to a minimum and conduct themselves with the utmost respect and professionalism around both the client and their neighbours.

Adhering to council restrictions is equally crucial. A responsible builder will always do their research and be aware of all conditions associated with the projects building approval and ensure they are met.

Relationships with clients and their neighbours are valuable and a good builder should never do anything to compromise this.

Prioritise communication

Creating your dream home is highly personal and requires crystal-clear communication. All projects should prioritise open, face-to-face dialogue (where possible) throughout every part of the process.

Honesty is key. From the very beginning, a responsible builder will be upfront about the costs involved, the resources required and the expected length of the build. If anything changes during the process, it is crucial the builder alerts the client right away and makes themselves available to answer any questions.

It’s not just the client that a responsible builder has to communicate clearly with. It’s equally important that all contractors and suppliers working on the project are kept in the loop in order to produce a timely, cost-effective build that goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations.

To start a conversation about creating your dream home with a responsible Sunshine Coast builder, get in touch with the SX Constructions team today.


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