How to Design the Ultimate Sunshine Coast Outdoor Living Area

Blessed with a perennially warm climate, the Sunshine Coast lends itself beautifully to outdoor living.
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Blessed with a perennially warm climate, the Sunshine Coast lends itself beautifully to outdoor living.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a big garden or are working with a small deck area, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise your outdoor space. Read on for our top tips on creating the ultimate Sunshine Coast outdoor living area.

Let the outdoors in

Having a nice flow to your outdoor area is one of the most important considerations. The easiest way to achieve this is by having a deck that connects directly to your indoor living space.

By connecting the two, you are making it easy for guests to move between indoors and outdoors and creating a sociable space that lends itself to alfresco dining within easy reach of the kitchen.

Balance shaded areas and heating

While basking in the sun is great, you can have too much of a good thing. Make sure your patio features some form of cover, whether that’s a canopy, awning or a large umbrella. This is particularly important to consider if you’re hoping to create a family-friendly space that’s safe for children and babies.

On the flip side, you’ll also want to make sure you incorporate heating for the colder months. By adding a fire pit, heated lamps or a freestanding patio heater, you’ll ensure your outdoor space can be used all year round.

An entertainer’s paradise

A well-designed outdoor area can become an additional living space in your home – particularly for those who enjoy entertaining. Integrating elements like an outdoor fireplace, built-in barbecue and teppanyaki bar can help you achieve an interesting, modern and stylish space to spend time and entertain guests.

At our recent Bokarina Beach project, we built the ultimate entertainer’s paradise – a tropical-inspired setting that is sure to play host to many dinner parties and casual drinks.

Use durable materials

Outdoor areas are exposed to the elements, which means durable materials are key. When picking your furniture, always balance style and substance. Go with tough materials such as stainless steel, wicker, aluminium, plastic, and woods such as teak and cedar. Cotton canvas, duck cloth and acrylic materials are great choices for your fabrics, while benches with handy storage for cushions are ideal.

Make a splash with a pool or spa

It may seem like an extravagance, but pools and spas are perfect for Sunshine Coast living. If a full-size pool is too big for your garden or budget, you might like to consider a spa. Cosy up in the bubbles on a balmy summer evening or impress friends with drinks in the hot tub.

Incorporate zones

When planning a home, you’ll likely think in terms of zones – which is exactly what you should do with your outdoor space, too. This way, you’re creating a practical space that makes outdoor living a breeze.

Set up an area specifically for cooking, where you can integrate a built-in BBQ and any other food-related entertainment features such as an outdoor bar. Then, you’ll want to make sure you have a space dedicated to dining with a table big enough to fit family and friends. Finally, consider which part of your outdoor space gets the most sun and make sure it features loungers and some form of shade.

To distinguish between areas, you can mix up the materials of your decking and use informal dividers such as planter boxes, trellises and vines.

Consider style and palette

 Everyone has a different vision for their outdoor area. It’s a good idea to start with a moodboard, focusing on colours, design features and the activities you’re likely to use your outdoor space for.

For a fun festival vibe, concentrate on fairy or festoon lights, lanterns, splashes of bright colour and fun touches like an outdoor bar or spa. A tropical-inspired paradise is achieved with stone figurines, hanging chairs, candles and tropical plants. Whichever style you go for, take your time to research items and avoid going shopping without a set list or firm theme in mind.

To start a conversation about creating the perfect Sunshine Coast outdoor living space, get in touch with SX Constructions today.


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