Being One with Nature. Blending the Inside and Outside in Your Home

We have the privilege of building luxury homes and holiday houses in one of Australia’s most beautiful regions – the Sunshine Coast.
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We have the privilege of building luxury homes and holiday houses in one of Australia’s most beautiful regions – the Sunshine Coast. With pristine beaches, rolling hinterland and lush rainforests abundant, we pride ourselves on embracing the surrounding environment in our builds, creating connections between our clients’ homes and what lies beyond.

With nearly 30 years of experience in projects across the coast, we know the secrets to seamless home design and creating connection to the outdoors. Keep reading to discover our top tips.

Capitalise on your surrounds

There’s nothing like living – or holidaying – in a secluded space nestled into the heart of a national park or tropical rainforest. Simply being in an environment like this elicits feelings of calm, relaxation and peace. A well-designed home will allow the surrounding environment inside, without encroaching on or harming the precious ecosystem just outside the door.

At our Mitti Street project, we built a sleek monochrome home that invites the breathtaking Noosa National Park inside through huge windows. This creates a bold design statement and makes the already-large home feel even more spacious and expansive.

Draw on large openings

If you really want to open your home up to the outdoors, you can’t go past oversized doors that stack externally or within a wall cavity. This essentially creates a moving wall and are more durable that bi-folding options. On sunny days, you can open your internal spaces up to your outdoor living area to create one large communal space, simply by opening the door. This is the perfect addition to your home if you’re a keen entertainer and looking to have friends or family over for regular backyard barbecues.

The power of externally stacking sliding doors is on display at our recently completed Bokarina Beach project.

Include windows in innovative ways

Large windows are essential when integrating the outdoors into your home. But they can also be a creative way to introduce innovative elements into the home. Take this stunning abode we built in Sunshine Beach, for example.

By essentially creating a wall of glass, the use of large format windows down this corridor has transformed this space from a rudimentary hallway to a spacious and inviting entrance.

Windows don’t always need to be large to invite the outdoors in. Clever pool windows provide outdoor connection to the basement area below and create a dreamy ambience with the natural light filtering through the blue-green pool water.

Create a design that reflects your environment

Interior design can also help your home blend seamlessly with the environment. Selecting natural or recycled materials like stone and timber can pay homage to the outside world, while embracing a style like the Hamptons, synonymous with coastal living, can ensure the beach-side feeling continues as you move inside.

In our Hamptons Hideaway project, our clients encompassed this style, drawing on a blue and white colour palette, gabled roof, marble benchtops, shaker-style cabinetry and ornate staircase detailing to create a quintessentially Hamptons design.

Looking to craft a luxury custom home that blends seamlessly with the outdoors? Get in touch with the expert team at SX Constructions today.


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