How To Source Inspiration For Your Custom Home

A custom home is so much more than just four walls and a roof. Building a new custom home means crafting a unique sanctuary, a place to create memories with family, friends and yourself.

A custom home is so much more than just four walls and a roof. Building a new custom home means crafting a unique sanctuary, a place to create memories with family, friends and yourself. You’ll want it to be special, meet your every need and reflect your personal taste.

The best way to achieve this is by designing and building your new home from scratch, but this comes with its challenges. You’ll need to confidently select every element for your home – from appliances and fixtures, to flooring, cabinetry and lighting.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to nailing the design of your home. It essentially comes down to having a clear vision. In order to establish this vision, you should ask yourself: How do you want your home to make you feel? If you can comfortably identify this, your custom build will be a significantly more enjoyable process.

Here are a few tips to finding inspiration for your dream home and ensuring the build process is stress-free and rewarding.

Make a vision board

Before you begin your building journey, spend time envisioning your future home. Start with a physical or digital vision board made up of images from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and anywhere else you find inspiration. This will help move ideas from your head into a physical form so you can see how they might look in reality.

If you’re comfortable creating a digital vision board, Pinterest an incredibly simple website with millions of inspiring images ready to be viewed. If you’re more of a hands-on visualiser, souring inspiration from magazines works too! Your vision board can be altered throughout the decision-making process but should ultimately serve as your guiding light.

Consult the professionals

Finding bespoke details for your home shouldn’t be a journey you embark on solo. Once you’ve established a vision board, you should share it with the design and build professionals who can connect you with suppliers and tradespeople capable of delivering your dream.

At SX Constructions, we offer a unique design selections service in which co-founder Simone can guide you through the design process. This hands-on service provides you with the opportunity to visit premium stores and showrooms throughout the Sunshine Coast where you can peruse a high-quality selection of fixtures, features and materials for your new home. If it’s your first luxury home build, we recommend working closely with an expert like Simone to ensure your home is brought to life just as your imagined.

Follow design trends on social media

Another way to understand what kind of spaces inspire you, is to browse social media. Reading captions, saving design inspiration and following your favourite stylists on Instagram will assist you in establishing makes you feel good, or bad, about a space.

An Instagram feature you should definitely take advantage of is the ability to follow hashtags, as it allows you to view a multitude of images associated with a style or trend that interests you. For example, if you’re liking the look of coastal-style homes, you could follow the hashtag #coastalhomes.

Not only does having a clear vision for your home ease the design and build process for yourself, but it will also simplify things for the tradespeople you choose to work with. Before building a custom home, we strongly encourage you to take note of what you love about a range of different spaces and why that may be.


If you’re considering building your dream custom home and need guidance through the design process, the team at SX Construction offer an exceptional, interactive design selection service. Find out more or get in touch with our team today.



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