What Makes a Holistic Home?

When we think about wellness or happiness, we rarely consider the role building and interior design have to play. But we should.
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When we think about wellness or happiness, we rarely consider the role building and interior design have to play. But we should. Studies show that lazy or cluttered home designs can make us feel constricted, isolated and unmotivated, whereas thoughtful and spacious design can make us feel safer, healthier and inspired.

A holistic home then, is a place where design has been carefully considered to positively impact our emotions and wellbeing. By approaching a home this way, we can create a secure, enriching sanctuary that encourages reflection, regeneration and most importantly, happiness.

The power of open plan living 

In a technology-driven world where we are more isolated and alienated than ever before, our homes are physical spaces where we can restore connectivity. One way to do this is through embracing open plan living, where all communal spaces are largely visible and connected, as opposed to closed off by walls. This inspires members of a household to engage with one another more frequently.

Design elements that invite conversation and communal leisure include limiting the number of doors in your household, building a large, open kitchen space that can accommodate many people, and embracing curved walls which create a sense of intimacy and cosiness.

As Sunshine Coast builders, we often see open plan living extend beyond just interiors, with indoor and outdoor spaces starting to blur into one more frequently. This ‘new’ twist on open plan living enables an enriching connection with the outdoors and is generally facilitated by installing large door systems to effectively remove external walls and bring the outside in.

The therapeutic capabilities of colour 

When designing a holistic home, it’s important to understand the impact of colour. Bright, vibrant colours are therapeutic and can help generate feelings of calmness and positivity. In contrast, colours like sky blue have soothing and soothing qualities while green signifies safety and evokes nature.

Warm tones such as reds, oranges and deep browns invite conversation and help bring people together while bold, saturated hues can stimulate brain activity. Yellow, synonymous with the sun, can help activate the release of serotonin. Before settling on a colour palette, you should think about the kind of feelings and moods you want to evoke in your home.

Natural light is key

There is nothing quite as invigorating and restoring as seeing the sun shine. Exposure to natural light is vital to our health, as it helps us to feel positive, happy and safe. With that in mind, a holistic home should be designed with lots of large windows to maximise exposure to natural light.

In regard to artificial light, stark white light should be avoided, as it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and exposed. Instead, warm white or even coloured light bulbs should be installed, as they create a more inviting, warm atmosphere. Table and floor lamps can also help create a welcoming ambience.

Nature too, can be restorative, as it provides a much-needed refuge in an over-stimulated world. Large windows that look out into the foliage or the inclusion of spacious outdoor areas will encourage you to better connect with your natural surroundings. A home that includes lots of indoor houseplants, images of nature and objects made from natural materials can also help with producing mental calm and clarity.

If you’re looking to build your own holistic home, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the team at SX Constructions today to see how we can translate your dreams into a luxury home.


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