How to Optimise Your Home Design Selections

The choices you make about the interiors of your home are crucial in creating a space that is uniquely yours.

The choices you make about the interiors of your home are crucial in creating a space that is uniquely yours. You’ll want to make decisions that not only service the needs of your family but speak to your aesthetic tastes, as well choosing materials that are both classic and durable.

Making these informed choices can be more difficult and overwhelming than it may initially seem. That’s why, at SX Constructions we lessen the burden by offering a hands-on design selection service for each and every one of our custom home and renovation projects. Working with co-founder, Simone, this service provides you the opportunity to visit premium stores and showrooms on the Sunshine Coast (and beyond), where you can browse a high-quality selection of fixtures, features and materials for your home.

So how can you use this service to optimise your home design selections? Keep reading to find out… 


One of the most important aspects of design to get right in your home is the permanent fixtures like flooring – whether that’s timber, carpet, polished concrete or tiles. For this aspect of the home, which are difficult to alter down the track, you want to choose quality materials that are highly functional, durable and importantly, timeless! You don’t want to make on-trend choices that will feel stale and unfashionable after only a couple of years and will be costly to change.

Nested in the Noosa Hinterland, our Doonan House is the perfect encapsulation of how to choose timeless permanent flooring. We wanted to create harmony with the luscious, tropic surrounds, so we opted for the use of earthy materials such as spotted gum flooring in this home. It accentuates the nature outside while appearing fresh and ultra-modern. The interiors in this home were selected and sourced entirely by co-founder Simone, making it an excellent example of our design selection offering. See more of this home on our gallery.

Cabinetry and benchtops

Your cabinets and benchtops are another element of your home where you have to make careful decisions, as they’ll be difficult and expensive to change in the future. We suggest choosing materials that are heavy duty but that still evoke a certain style, especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. This is something we can consult on at SX Constructions as we know exactly what materials are durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Explore our Eckersley Avenue project, where Hamptons-style crisp white cabinetry has been integrated throughout the entire home. This creates synergy between the rooms of the home and is a classic design choice that is unlikely to go out of style any time soon. See more of this home on our gallery.

Colour palette

Getting your colour palette perfect is tricky but important. Colours play a vital role in setting the mood and ambiance of your home. The perfect colour choice can create warmth and make a space feel welcoming, while a poor colour choice will do the exact opposite. Colour can also impact our wellbeing, so it’s valuable to think carefully about what feelings you want to evoke in each room of your home.

One great example of how we’ve helped our clients select a clever colour palette is at Mitti Street. We worked with our client to decide on a muted yet atmospheric scheme of crisp whites, moody greys and earthy browns to contrast with the incredible greenery surrounding the property. See more of this home on our gallery.


This is where you can be more playful and experimental with your design selections. As small furnishings can be changed over time, you can be far bolder – consider adding bright pops of colour and leaning into contemporary trends.

Take our luxury Mooloolah Island home, where the we fused slick modernism with a touch of coastal charm via the addition of wicker furnishing and pale green bedding. We worked with out client to achieve these stylish furnishing selections, which can be moved around as regularly as they like. See more of this home on our gallery.

At SX Constructions, our design selection service is one-of-a-kind and complimentary with every project. If you’re interested in working with co-founder Simone to bring your home’s interior to life, get in touch with SX Constructions today and let’s start planning your new Sunshine Coast home.


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